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was created on November 1, 2007, with President and Sister Ricks serving as the first mission president. President and Sister Jackson arrived in July, 2009, and along with 45 full-time missionaries, and many great members of the church, much has already been accomplished to grow the Church in this part of the Lord's vineyard. Having such a large mission area, which includes many cultures and countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Northern India, one would think the work would be difficult. But regardless of the immense size of this mission, hundreds of millions of people are being served through the efforts of missionaries and members alike. Our numbers may be few, but the Spirit is strong as we accomplish the purposes of God. President and Sister Sackley, from Canada, will arrive July 1, 2012, and begin their service as the new Mission President and his wife. Welcome to the greatest mission in the world!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Newsletter 44

Newsletter 44 (23 March 2011): Click here.


Elder Montgomery said...

Hi! I've just been called to this mission. I leave for the Provo MTC on May 25. I have my passport and my visa is submitted. If you have any information for me, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


Dear Elder Montgomery,
Wow, we're so happy to hear that you got your visa! We've already contacted several returned missionaries and asked them to call you. I'll follow up on that!
All the best,
Sister Jackson

Elder Montgomery said...

Dear Sister Jackson,
Thank you for the quick response! As far as I know, I don't have a visa. I've submitted all of the paperwork but I haven't heard yet. I can be reached at Thank you!